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Powered Perfection – Our client came to us for help after endless searches gave them nothing.

The task at hand, required a lift that was too heavy and bulky to be done by hand. We only had VERY limited access to get in to the operational area. They needed a solution.

Here’s how we did it.

Sometimes, you have to accept that things aren’t straight forward. That was definitely the case here. How do you use a piece of lifting equipment, when you can’t get it anywhere near the “thing” it needs to lift? No, I’m not going to use some awful line here… like “you would stop what you’re doing and call Mechandling Immediately!”

But, as the old saying goes, you have to think outside the box sometimes. That’s what we do. A brand new design, from the wheels up would cost a fortune. Nothing really exists to do the job. What you see above, was our solution.

I have also failed to mention thus far, that the working load required here was OVER 100KG!

A fully powered unit, that’s easy to operate, without the eye-watering expense.

Our engineers, carefully consider the task at hand, to first and foremost keep your operator’s safe. That’s what Lifting & Handling is all about. Love it or hate it… Health and Safety. The tricky part is this… solving one problem, shouldn’t create another.

The lifter can’t be too heavy, or you wouldn’t use it. It can’t be too complex to operate, or the job becomes more difficult!

The self-propelled main body was a great starting point. Powerful enough to move the load, and with our own design work, stable enough too.

The custom-built lifting head, raises and lowers with simple controls, and extends out. There’s nothing more to do, than connect the hook.

When the load is secure, the fully adjustable lifting arm can be left to do the work for you. In this case, allowing our client’s Technicians to carefully complete their task without risk of damage to their product, or themselves!

We ensure that all Mechandling lifters, don’t just stop after helping with the lifting. They need to do the heavy lifting, keep operators happy, fit in with your facility, be tough enough to withstand year after year of hard work and heavy lifting, all without letting the side down!

Watch the video below to see what we do!

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