Reel Handling

Powered Reel Lifters

Reel Push Turner

The ever-popular Reel Push Turner is a lightweight powered machine that expands within the core of a reel to allow it to be lifted and rotated from vertical to horizontal and can push-transfer the reel to a production machine mandrel. The chassis has swivel castors at the rear and optional double pallet rollers for easy pallet entry. The Reel Push Turner is powered by a 12-volt battery and has a built-in battery charger.

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Sideways Reel Push Turner

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Reel Cradle Turner

Used when a reel needs to be raised, rotated and fitted with a production mandrel through the core, before being loaded onto a production line. Whereas other firms would have to supply you with two lifters: a Reel Turner and a Reel Loader, Mechandling have combined the features of both to give you what you need in one lifter!

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Anti-Telescoping Reel Turner

This lifter really comes into its own when you need to lift and rotate reels of film that are prone to ‘Telescoping’ (slipping away from the rest of the reel). The additional clamp plate that closes onto the circumference prevents the film from slipping from the reel – simple but incredibly effective, this lifter could transform your reel handling. Check with your operators if this is what they need!

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Manual Reel Lifters

Manual Reel Loader

The Reel Loader is an invaluable device if you have production machines with arms that grab a reel by its core. Reels over 200kg can be safely removed from a pallet and transported to the production line, without exhausting manual handling. Watch the video to see how the cleverly designed platform holds the reel securely, until it is time to roll the reel from the lifter.

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Manual Reel Turner

The Ultralite Manual Series has a robust and versatile chassis that can be outfitted with a wide variety attachments to suit any application – shown here with a manually operated reel turning head

Manufactured to the highest standard in polished stainless steel.  Also available in powder coated carbon steel.

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Heavy-Duty Reel Lifter

Heavy-Duty Reel Turner

Ideal for over-sized and heavier reels. The Heavy-Duty Reel Rotator here can cope with reels of over 600kg! It has a self-propelled chassis to assist operators with manoeuvrability. The actuator-driven linear guide rail clamping system grips reels securely as they are raised and rotated.

Watch this video to see the Heavy-Duty Reel Rotator in action.

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Offset Reel Lifters

Offset Reel Lifter

The Offset Reel Lifter easily removes tightly-packed reels from a pallet. Operators no longer need to ‘wiggle’ a reel away from the others before lifting! The device shown here also has stubby legs and an extended boom to avoid an obstacle and reach the production mandrel. It also has a speed control, so operators can load the reel with the necessary precision and care.

A truly bespoke solution for a customer who had looked everywhere for the right lifter. Their search is over now. They have found Mechandling! Now they have lifting equipment that does the job right, every time.

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Large Offset Reel Turner

The Large Offset Reel Turner is a real boost to operator safety. Heavy reels can now be moved from pallet to production machine with ZERO manual handling.. Working right to left, a whole pallet can be unloaded without operators touching a single reel by hand.

At no stage in the process do operators need to touch the reel. And, due to the Offset design of the clamp head, reels can easily be placed onto a table, trolley or workbench on their circumference, if required.

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Offset Reel Turner

Ideal for lifting reels in the core-vertical position, rotating them and placing them onto the floor or a pallet in the core-horizontal position. The offset head allows reels to be placed onto a flat surface, without the lower clamp arm getting in the way

Watch this video to see the Offset Reel Turner in action.

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Long-Reach Reel Placer/Turner

Long-Reach Reel Placer/Turner

The Long-Reach Reel Placer is designed to lift a reel from a pallet or floor level. It can then be transported to the production machine or transferred to a special purpose Reel Holder trolley. Based the parallel arm lifting principle. It has the capacity to accept a wide variety of reel handling attachments, including a reel turning head.

Watch the video to see several different versions.

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