Bespoke Lifting, made simple.

A well-known Pharma customer returned to us here, for a task that required a couple of different machines to lift various tools and instruments. Different sizes & weights, for various applications.

After a site survey to establish what exactly was needed, they were pleased to hear that they didn’t need more than 1 lifter.

Here’s How We Did It

Whilst the tools to be lifted were quite different to look at… some placed awkwardly, and at different heights… what we actually found, is that only 1 machine was required.

We manufacture and supply Lifting Equipment. We could easily supply as many lifters as you might want, it just wasn’t needed.

Sometimes, abit of ingenuity and a good service counts for more. With our experience and time, there’s always a solution. What you see above, was that solution.

A powered lifter, tough enough to withstand year after year of hard work and heavy lifting, agile enough to tick every box. We supplied an additional head, and after some fantastic design work by our engineers at HQ, created the perfect machine for the job.

Putting your operators at the forefront of our work, our lifter was crafted to lighten the load in every way.

Simple push button operation, ensuring it’s easy to use, uncomplicated and adds value to your whole operation.

The lifter gets to work, completes the task, and is ready within seconds to move on to the next job.

Depending on the task at hand, the interchangeable lifting heads can be swapped to suit the next job on the list. In some cases, this could take a well-paid engineer a good few hours! With our innovation, this can now be done in no time at all, and more importantly, without a toolkit!

All Mechandling bespoke lifters are designed with your exact requirements in mind. No matter what the problem might be, we will find the solution for you!

Whether you need a drum lifted & tipped, a reel loaded directly onto a mandrel, something that’s purpose built to work with your existing containment, or a specialized attachment for a fork truck, we can create the perfect tool for the job.

Watch the video below to see what we do!

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