Zero Manual Handling – When It Matters Most

Zero Manual Handling – When It Matters Most. A leading pet food manufacturer recently ordered several different lifters from us to help with handling their packaging reels. Here we examine their third device – the Mechandling Large Offset Reel Turner.

The Large Offset Reel Turner is a real boost to operator safety. Heavy reels pose a particular risk to operators tasked with loading them onto production machinery. However, with the Large Offset Reel Turner reels can now be moved from pallet to production machine with ZERO manual handling. Watch the video below to see how the offset head removes reels whilst they are tightly packed together on the pallet. There is no need to ‘wiggle’ a reel into a separate space before lifting – especially useful with heavy reels. Working right to left, a whole pallet can be unloaded without operators touching a single reel by hand.

When a reel is rotated to the core horizontal position, simply insert the mandrel and lower it onto the support tracks on the production machine. At no stage in the process do operators need to touch the reel. And, due to the Offset design of the clamp head, reels can easily be placed onto a table, trolley or workbench on their circumference, if required.

The 2-button Unclamp function means that reels can never be accidentally released and the built-in E-Stop adds a further level of safety for operators.

Why make your staff struggle with lifting equipment that is not fit for purpose, when you can call Tim on 07828 135388 and watch your lifting issues disappear!

Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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