Precision and Safety with Mechandling’s Bespoke Design

Precision and Safety with Mechandling’s Bespoke Design

A major pet food manufacturer recently ordered several different lifters from us to help with handling their packaging reels. Here we examine their second device – the Mechandling Offset Reel Lifter.

The Offset Reel Lifter is a truly bespoke device. It has shortened legs, an extended boom arm, a variable speed control and an offset head! The short legs and extended boom mean that the lifter can reach over an obstacle at floor height to attach the reel to the vertical production mandrel. The speed control means that operators can slow the lifting speed right down, so that the necessary care can be taken when unloading the reel at height.

The offset clamp head is where the lifter really comes into its own. As shown in the video, reels can be removed whilst still tightly packed together on the pallet. There is no need to ‘wiggle’ a reel into a separate space before lifting. Working right to left, a whole pallet could be unloaded without operators touching a single reel by hand.

With so many bespoke features, there is no standard, off-the-shelf device that could offer exactly what the customer needs. So, why struggle with lifting equipment that only does half the job, when you can call Tim on 07828 135388 and watch your lifting issues disappear!

All Mechandling bespoke lifters are designed with your exact requirements in mind. No matter what your lifting problem may be, we can find the solution for you!

Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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