The Mechandling Reel Loader Revolutionises Reel Handling!

The Mechandling Reel Loader Revolutionises Reel Handling!

One of the UK’s premier pet food manufacturers recently ordered several different lifters from us to help with handling their packaging reels. The first lifter we will look at is the Mechandling Reel Loader.

The Reel Loader is a game-changing device that moves 200kg reels from the warehouse to the production line, with zero lifting required by operators. Note how, once the reel is central on the platform, the support plate raises and locks the reel in position. This makes the reel safe to transport and ready to transfer to the production machine’s arms, which lift the reel from the platform.

The foot-operated release pedal lowers the support plate, which means the reel can be rolled back onto a pallet, if required.

Operators need no longer struggle to manoeuvre heavy reels. The Reel Loader offers safety and reliability; it is simple to use and removes all the risks associated with moving heavy loads.

However, the Reel Loader is not limited to handling only heavy reels. It also works really well with smaller part-reels.  Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

All Mechandling bespoke lifters are designed with your exact requirements in mind. No matter what your lifting problem may be, we can find the solution for you!

Call Tim today on 07828 135388 and watch your lifting issues disappear!

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