Mechandling Eliminate Risks To Operators Loading Heavy Reels

Mechandling Eliminate Risks To Operators Loading Heavy Reels.

We were recently asked by an international healthcare company to find a solution to their serious reel handling issues. Their reels are large, heavy and dangerous to lift by hand, but thanks to Mechandling ingenuity, this is no longer a problem. The Reel Cradle Turner means that reels can be moved from pallet to production machine with zero manual handling by operators.

Designed specifically to handle reels that need to be raised, rotated and fitted with a production mandrel, the lifter gets the job done time after time, reliably and safely. Key to the lifter’s success is the way the core pin (used to clamp the reel during rotation) is removeable, allowing a production mandrel to be fitted, ready for loading onto the line.

Other firms offer two machines to perform this task: a Reel Turner and a Reel Loader. However, with Mechandling’s focus on efficiency, safety and design, it can be achieved by a single lifting device.

Isn’t it time you gave your valued operators the equipment they deserve?

Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

All Mechandling bespoke lifters are designed with your exact requirements in mind. No matter what your lifting problem may be, we can find the solution for you!

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