Struggling With Lifting Issues? Mechandling Can Help!

Struggling With Lifting Issues? Mechandling Can Help!

Once again, Mechandling show the benefits of Bespoke Design!

Reel Turners are our best-selling lifters. But often, when lifting reels by the core, the material can ‘telescope’ away from the reel core as it is lifted.

We were recently asked to solve this issue for a northern printing company, who use a very slippery foil, prone to telescoping. The reel is clamped, as usual, inside the core by ‘teeth’ that extend from the lifter’s mandrel. But before the reel is lifted, the extra side plate is closed onto the circumference of the reel, preventing the material from slipping away. Problem solved!

All Mechandling lifters are designed with your exact requirements in mind. No matter what your lifting problem may be, we can find the solution for you!

We have no standard, off-the-shelf devices – everything we make is tailored to suit your needs. Call Tim today on 07828 135388 and watch your lifting issues disappear!

 Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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