Platform Lifter Removes H&S Risks

Platform Lifter Removes H&S Risks.

Our latest manual platform lifter has become a welcome addition to the fleet of one of our largest pharmaceutical clients. Previously, the task involved one or two operators struggling to manoeuvre a 30kg tool from unergonomic positions on a shelving system onto a production line.

The new lifter removes all worry and risk from the procedure. It reaches every shelf position and with its drop-down lip at the front of the platform, heavy tools can easily be slid from shelf to lifter. The platform can then be positioned over the production machine, where operators fit the tool to the line.

In GMP 304 stainless steel, the lifter is simple to clean and will continue to look smart for years to come.

All Mechandling lifters are designed with your specific situation in mind. There are no standard sizes or existing designs to work around – whatever your needs, we design your new lifter from scratch – every aspect is considered, making each machine truly bespoke.

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