Mechandling To The Rescue!

Mechandling To The Rescue!

We were recently asked to design a manual lifter for a major chemical manufacturer. It needed to raise and remove a cutting table, weighing 180kg, from the production line. Unsurprisingly, nothing was available from the standard catalogue suppliers. So, once again, Mechandling came to the rescue!

The easy-action pump lever raises the head of the lifter with minimal effort and when set to ‘Lower’, the head descends gently under gravity. The customer asked us to fit a mechanical stop on the mast as an extra security feature and we were happy to oblige.

This model was in highly visible bright yellow, but as with all our lifters, it could have been powder coated in any RAL colour, or made from fully GMP stainless steel.

A previously dangerous manual handling process, involving several members of staff, has now transformed into a safe one-man operation. Glad we could help!

As everything we design is hand built to our customers’ exact specifications, we can easily adapt our design to suit anything you might need to lift and transport.

Why not see how Mechandling can help you with your tricky lifting requirements?

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Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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