Mechandling Do It Again!

Mechandling Do It Again!

We were recently tasked with finding a reel handling solution for a manufacturer of medical equipment.

They were about to start production of large 80kg reels (800mm x 270mm) – too heavy and bulky to lift manually.

To complicate matters, the customer needed to lift three reels at a time, straight from the production line, and to store them on a dolly. There was no ‘off-the-shelf’ solution available, so Mechandling set to work!

We designed a totally bespoke powered lifter (on the right above), capable of lifting over 240kg, with a curved lifting arm which slotted neatly into the 320mm core of the three reels and offered support and stability during transport.

For the next stage in the production process, we designed a similar, but smaller powered reel lifter (on the left above) to transfer single 80kg reels from the dolly onto a production mandrel. The front legs of this device had to fit around the circular base of the production machinery – not a problem, as all our lifters are 100% bespoke and made to suit our customers’ exact specifications!

The end result? A lifting system that does exactly what the customer needs, all in GMP, easy-to-clean stainless steel. An otherwise awkward and potentially dangerous reel handling process has been transformed into an effortless and safe operation.

If you are tired of struggling with equipment that is not fit for purpose, see how Mechandling can improve your Health & Safety and Productivity with a custom-designed, hand-built lifter today!

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Watch the video below to see both lifters in action.

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