Double Reel Lifter Increases Productivity & Safety

Double Reel Lifter Increases Productivity & Safety

Mechandling are proud to reveal our latest powered lifting device – a Bespoke Double Reel Lifter in hygienic stainless steel.

Previously, operators had to man-handle heavy reels from a dolly onto a production mandrel. Our solution is this totally bespoke powered lifter, which instantly reduces injury risks, whilst also increasing operator productivity. To add extra security, a clamp mechanism is fitted to the mandrel, to ensure reels stay firmly in place during transport. Reels can now be lifted from the dolly onto the production mandrel, with no manual handling whatsoever. All operators need to do is manoeuvre the lifter’s mandrel into the core of the reels, and then the easy-to-use push-button controls make clamping and lifting the reels effortless and safe (see video below).

As everything we make is made to measure, the mast height, leg spacing, SWL and mandrel length can be designed to suit your exact specifications.

Once more, Mechandling deliver a lifting system that does exactly what the customer needs, all in GMP, easy-to-clean stainless. A previously dangerous reel handling process has been transformed into a simple, risk-free operation.

If you are tired of watching operators risk injury, or struggle with equipment that is not fit for purpose, see how Mechandling can improve your Health & Safety and Productivity with a custom-designed, hand-built lifter today!

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Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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