A Lifter Within A Lifter – A Totally Bespoke Solution!

A Lifter Within A Lifter – A Totally Bespoke Solution!

Mechandling once again prove that with totally bespoke design, even the most complex lifting issues can be solved, to give the customer exactly what they need.

We were recently asked by a major UK isolator manufacturer to supply three identical lifters to dock drums of product into an isolator cabinet. The first docking position was at height, so a mobile lifter with a mast could easily handle that task. However, the second docking position was lower down, surrounded by obstacles and completely out of reach for the main lifter.

We love a challenge, but this was trickier than most. We got our thinking caps on and came up with the original and unique solution you see here – a lifter within a lifter!

The drum is held by a roller girdle, which allows the drum to rotate axially to dock with the isolator cabinet, but the roller girdle itself sits on a dolly, which when separated from the main lifter, travels on its own castors and uses its scissor action to raise the drum to the appropriate height. Therefore, the previously inaccessible lower docking port can now be reached with ease (see video below for full operation).

If you have lifting issues which seem impossible to solve, get in touch with Mechandling, to see how we can transform your operation with a custom-designed, hand-built lifter today!

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Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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