Mechandling remove heavy lifting injury risk completely!

Mechandling remove heavy lifting injury risk completely!

Are your operators lifting dangerously heavy weights? We can remove this injury risk completely!

A UK chemical manufacturer recently enquired about a lifter to remove bottles of product from a chest freezer. The bottles were traditionally removed by hand, posing an unacceptable risk to staff, as they struggled to reach over into the freezer to lift bottles of up to 40kg. This is our solution.

The arm of the lifter fits neatly into the freezer and the self-tightening clamp mechanism means that bottles can be attached and released from the lifter in seconds (see video). The clamp head spins 360 degrees and the arm of the lifter has built-in adjustment to make positioning and attaching the clamp as simple as possible.

Push-button controls make this lifter easy to operate, and the stainless-steel finish keeps the lifter smart and simple to clean.

Mechandling lifters are the perfect solution for all your lifting requirements. Whatever the lift height, angle of rotation, size and weight, Mechandling can design the right machine for you!

If you have specific lifting needs, call Tim now on 07828 135388 to see how Mechandling can transform your operation with a custom-designed, hand-built lifting solution today!

Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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