Mini Lifter Saves The Day!

Mini Lifter Saves The Day!

We were recently asked by a large UK pharmaceutical manufacturer to design a lifter to remove and replace a 70kg motor. Simple enough, you might think. However, the motor was surrounded by pipework and the area for operators to work in was an 800mm high crawlspace under a walkway!

Previously, it took two or three maintenance staff, on their hands and knees, to manhandle the motor out from the labyrinth of pipes and was clearly a considerable risk to health and safety. A solution was needed urgently.

Mechandling set to work and designed the lifter you see here – despite it being the ‘baby’ of the Mechandling range, the lifter is incredibly manoeuvrable and has the strength of larger machines – easily capable of lifting and supporting the 70kg motor as it is transported in and out of the crawlspace.

The lifter’s head swivels fully in both directions to help guide the motor past the pipework and other obstructions as it is removed. Now this job has been transformed into a straight-forward and safe, one-man operation. Simply attach the hooks to the lifting eyes of the motor, raise the motor from its base, withdraw it from the area avoiding obstructions and transfer it onto a trolley just outside the crawlspace. Job done!

If you are struggling to find a solution to a particularly awkward and risky lifting operation, don’t despair! Call Tim now on 07828 135388 to see how Mechandling can help!

Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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