400kg Tablet Tipping Made Easy!

400kg Tablet Tipping Made Easy!

A top pharmaceutical manufacturer recently enquired about a bin tipper which could raise and rotate to empty 400kg of tablets into a hopper. This is our solution.

The bin had to be made to very specific dimensions to fit into the production area, but, as with all our lifters, bespoke design ensures that all of our customers’ requirements are catered for. The bin also needed to be detachable. So, we used a locking pin and proximity sensor, which allows tipping only when the bin is locked securely in position.

Push-button controls make this lifter simple and effortless to manoeuvre and control, and stainless-steel cladding keeps the lifter smart and easy to clean.

Mechandling do it again – another bespoke lifter that was well received by the customer, helping them overcome their lifting issues simply and safely.

In 304 or 316 stainless steel, and simple to wash down, Mechandling lifters are the perfect solution for all your lifting requirements. Whatever the docking height, angle of rotation, size and weight, Mechandling can design the finishing touches to any production system.

If you have specific lifting needs, call Tim now on 07828 135388 to see how Mechandling can transform your operation with a custom-designed, hand-built lifting solution today!

Watch the video below to see the lifter in action.

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