Great Feedback On Our Steel Rod Manipulator

Great Feedback On Our Steel Rod Manipulator

At Mechandling, we pride ourselves on being versatile and helping customers with whatever they ask for. Making bespoke, hand-built lifting equipment is what we care about!

We were recently asked to design a lifter that would grip and raise heavy steel rods of various thicknesses to eliminate a potentially dangerous material handling operation. Not long after delivery, we received great feedback. The operator, who uses it daily, says –

“The lifter has vastly changed the process and effort needed to handle this heavy bar. It makes lifting and moving the bar from the floor to the chamfer machine and then on to the bar magazine a much less strenuous exercise, which in turn, removes the concerns of multiple injury risks I had using our old lifting and handling methods. It’s well built and a very sturdy unit which gives you confidence when using the lifter. It is also surprisingly easy to manoeuvre, even loaded with a heavy bar. I am also impressed how fast the battery charges. Overall I am very happy with our lifter, it has made a massive difference for me at work. I no longer dread the thought of having to haul those heavy bars onto the machine magazine. Many thanks to you and the team.”

Glad we could help! Watch the video to see the lifter in action.

As all our lifters are custom-built to suit our customers’ exact specifications, previously risky tasks can be handled safely. Call Tim on 07828 135388 any time to see how Mechandling can help you.

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