Tablet Bin Tipper

Tablet Bin Tipper

At Mechandling, we make all our lifters by hand. Designing a completely bespoke machine that will do the job perfectly is both a challenge and a pleasure. We specialise in innovative solutions where standard ‘catalogue’ lifters just can’t meet clients’ expectations.

We were recently tasked with replacing an outdated manual process, which had involved the operator repeatedly climbing a set of stairs to empty tablets into a hopper. Space was tight and there were numerous hurdles to overcome to design the lifter to perform as required.

This machine is our solution – a bespoke powered GMP lifter designed to tip tablets in a very restricted space up against the ceiling. The customer asked for an observation window to monitor the tablets as they are emptied and there was also an integrated dust-extraction collar to fit into the process as the tablets were tipped.

Rotation of the tablet bin is restricted until it is at the appropriate height for tipping, but with our maintenance key option, it can also be rotated at low level to assist with the cleaning process. All lifting and rotation are controlled by the operator-friendly buttons on the mast.

This is the end result and it was very well received. Watch the machine in action in this video.

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