Mechandling Commit To Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Mechandling Commit To Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

To paraphrase (Edmund) Burke:

The worst thing you can do is to do nothing, for fear that the little you can do will not be enough.

Mechandling may not have a particularly high carbon footprint in the overall scheme of things, but we do recognise our responsibility for the impact we have on the planet – the planet that our children and our children’s children will inherit… Consequently, we have recently asked Oblong Trees ( to plant 175 trees on our behalf. And we are committed to plant at least as many again for each of the next 10 years going forward.

“Our” trees on their own will not reverse global warming, but if every business in the UK were to make a similar pledge, the results would be incredible. The Committee on Climate Change have said that the UK needs to plant 1.5 billion more trees to be carbon neutral.

So come on!

Will you join in as well?

(PS If you don’t hold the purse strings personally, ask whoever does. Please don’t assume they’ve heard of Burke before).

Phil Chapman