Mechandling Limited – Regular Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

With over 30 years experience designing, building and caring for our own innovative lifting solutions, our trained Engineers will treat your lifters like their own.


At Mechandling Limited we like to think of all customers as trusted partners and that our help and assistance doesn’t stop after our products have been delivered. We will always provide a fantastic servicing and repair solution to help ensure that your Material Handling Equipment will continue to operate as it should, throughout its working lifetime with as little down time as possible.


In order to keep your material handling equipment working well and lasting for many years, it needs to be regularly serviced and maintained. External link opens in new tab or windowPUWER requires that: all work equipment be maintained in an efficient state, in efficient order and in good repair.  The frequency at which different pieces of material handling equipment will need to be serviced will vary, depending on the individual manufacturer’s recommendations and how much each piece of equipment is used.  Other factors also include the setting that the material handling equipment is used in e.g. extremes of temperate, exposure to weather or corrosive environments. Even the experience and knowledge of the operator can have an impact on how often the equipment should be serviced.


The External link opens in new tab or windowHealth & Safety Executive (HSE) recommend that: all safety-critical equipment, such as lifting equipment, should be thoroughly examined and checked at least twice a year. This type of apparatus should also be checked before use if ever transported to a new location, after assembly and after exposure to any type of conditions that could cause deterioration.


At Mechandling Limited, we offer a range of repair, maintenance and service plans for your material handling equipment, whether you purchased it from us originally or would like us to look after other equipment. Our expert engineers can carry out routine inspections, servicing, repairs and general maintenance on a wide variety of equipment used in the material handling industry at your site, or we offer a convenient pick up and return service.


Why not take advantage of our special offer* and let us take care of your regular servicing schedules. Simply raise one purchase order and we will remind you, arrange, and carry out your servicing to your schedule without extra paperwork for up to 3 years.


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